Additional SEO option within the hosting packages

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Additional SEO option

In the race to have the best optimized website, with the highest possible efficiency and the best possible score offered by Google, website developers can use the additional SEO option to ensure an advantage.

This results in a faster loading website for recurring visitors by reducing the number of requests once the elements on the pages are optimized.
At the same time, having a very well optimized website, including the utilized resources on hosting will be smaller

The Google PageSpeed ​​module offered through the SEO option, automatically performs optimizations on your site, according to the recommendations of Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

This module has been specially developed by Google to help improve the performance of websites.
The module is installed at the server level and is activated at the hosting account level.

The advantages of the SEO option

  • Custom nameservers like: and, with IPv4 of different classes
  • Automatic optimization of HTML, CSS, JavaScript files
  • Using WebP images
  • Caching for front end files