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SpamExperts is a dedicated anti-spam solution for analyzing and filtering messages.
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  • SpamExperts is an advanced anti-spam and email filtering solution. SpamExperts uses mechanisms specially designed to avoid inaccurate detection, complex self-learning systems for filtering, and SPAM pattern recognition mechanisms.
    SpamExperts scans all incoming emails for viruses, SPAM, phishing, and botnets with an accuracy of 99.98%. The filter is activated by domain and protects all email accounts regardless of their number.



  • The first step in using SpamExperts is to configure SpamExperts MX for the attached domain. (priority 10) (priority 20) (priority 30)

mx spamexperts

  • After modifying the SpamExperts MX we will set up the E-mail routing from the local cPanel account.

e-mail routing cpanel spamexperts

  • Once the MXs have been modified, the domain is connected to the SpamExperts system and all incoming e-mail traffic is filtered and all the domain-related e-mail accounts are protected.
  • SpamExperts can be used immediately without the need to make additional settings.


Login to the SpamExperts panel.

login spamexperts

  • The SpamExperts panel is divided into the following sections:

- General
- Continuity
- Reporting
- Users & Permissions
- Incoming
- Incoming - Protection Settings

spamexperts panel

  • SpamExperts does not require additional settings unless we want to customize email account settings. Then we will manually add the account or accounts in the General section > Mailbox configuration > Mailboxes > + Add Mailbox.
  • LDAP synchronization is not possible.

add mailbox spamexperts

  • General > Domain aliases - Here the user can add an alias domain, and SpamExperts will treat the emails received by the alias domain as if they were intended for the main domain.

panoul domain alias spamexperts

  • General > Train spam - Here the user can upload a SPAM email in .eml or .msg format (the only supported formats) to learn the anti-spam system.

train spam spamexperts

  • General > Here the user can upload an e-mail as NOT SPAM in .eml or .msg format (the only supported formats) to learn the anti-spam system.

train not spam spamexperts

  • Incoming > Logs > Log search -  In this section, the user can search for e-mails according to multiple criteria: sender, receiver, IP address, etc.

Log search spamexperts

  • Incoming > Spam quarantine - This section stores suspicious emails or blocked by anti-spam mechanisms, and messages can be filtered, deleted, whitelisted/blacklisted, delivered to your inbox.

spam quarantine spamexperts

  • Incoming  > Domain statistics - Here the user can see statistics about the traffic generated for a time window.

domain statistics spamexperts

  • Incoming Protection Settings > Sender whitelist - Here the user can add senders to be excluded from anti-spam filters, so the messages can be delivered without further verification.

sender whitelist spamexperts

  • Incoming Protection Settings > Sender blacklist - Here the user can add senders whose messages are permanently blocked.

sender blacklist spamexperts

  • Incoming Protection Settings > Filter settings - Here the user can change the settings for the anti-spam filter and activate, deactivate the quarantine system. If the quarantine system is disabled, the detected SPAM emails will be delivered and are no longer quarantined.

filter setting spamexperts

  • Incoming Protection Settings > Attachments restrictions - Here the user can select and add extensions for emails that contain attachments based on which to be rejected.

attachments restriction spamexperts

  • Incoming Protection Settings  > E-mail size restrictions - Here the user can change the limit for message size and how the message is handled if the limit is exceeded.

e-mail size restriction spamexperts

  • Continuity > Delivery queue incoming - This section displays emails that were not delivered and their status. If the e-mail server is not available, the e-mails will enter in the queue where they are waiting to be delivered to the recipient.
    The system will try to deliver the messages for a period of time, and if this is not possible the system will forward the message to its sender.

delivery queue incoming spamexperts

  • Continuity > Compose e-mail - From this interface, the user can send emails when the email server is not accessible or has problems.

compose email spamexperts

  • Continuity > Clear Callout cache - SpamExperts checks the cache if the message received has an existing email address. This cache is restored automatically every few hours but can also be restored manually.
    This helps when an email address has recently been created or deleted.

clear callout cache spamexperts

  • Reporting > Protection report domain - Here the user can activate the reports for the domain, the recipient, the frequency of the reports, and their format (HTML or pdf).

protection report  domain spamexperts


  • Users & Permissions > Manage email users - in this section the administrator can add additional users with access to the quarantine and email settings.

manage users spamexperts

  • My settings > Users profile - In this section, we can change the password, activate Two-factor Authentication for access to the SpamExperts administration panel.

spamexperts User's profile

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