Creating and adding a SQL user to a database in the Webuzo panel

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This article explains how to create a SQL user and assign it to a specific database
by Mihai BobriucViews 805Updated now 1 yearPublished 06/09/2022


This tutorial explains how to create a SQL user and assign it to a specific database in the Webuzo admin panel


  • an account with admin panel and Webuzo access

Steps to follow

  • once logged into the Webuzo administration panel, look for the "Database" section in the displayed window and from there select "Manage Databases"
  • Manage Database in panou webuzo
  • in the window that will appear, select the "Add User To Database" tab

Add User To Database

  • in the boxes that will be displayed, enter the desired username and a complex password for it, after which press the "Create" button

Nume si parola baza de date

  • after successfully creating the user a confirmation message will be displayed

Creare  succes utilizator database

  • in the same window, you can select the desired database and the user you want to be assigned to it from the boxes under the "Add User To Database" section, then press the "Add" button

Alocare database

next, a window will be displayed from which the user's privileges on the database will be chosen, after which the "Submit Changes" button is pressed

   *WARNING in most cases all privileges are selected in order not to encounter functionality problems

Privilegi database

  • after the successful operation, a confirmation message will be displayed in the same "Database Privileges Updated" window

Confirmare update privilegi database

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