Adding credit to Hostico customer account

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This article shows the procedure of credit allocation operation in the Hostico client account
by Mark DohiViews 381Published 23/03/2022


The necessary steps to allocate a credit to the customer's account.


Hostico customer account


After logging in into the client's account, you will access Customer Area, in the section Control Pannel, it will be shown the creddit administration window.

After selecting the required amount, from the options presented, a proforma invoice will be issued which, after paying it, will display the credit in the customer's account.


This credit can be used to pay the invoices in the account, if the balance can cover the full amount of the proforma invoice.

If the proforma invoice you wish to pay is greater than the credit available in your account, please contact the sales department to find the best solution.
If the credit in the account is not fully used to activate / extend a service, upon request, the remaining amount may be refunded to the account from which the payment was made.

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