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We welcome users with a new improved version of the site and news about VPS servicesHosticoblogPublished 27/09/2021 by Mark Dohi
Hostico 5.0 & VPS Package Update

Hostico 5.0 & VPS Package Update

In recent years, the collaboration with Hostico users has been closer than ever, this being the basis for new developed services, together with a redesign of the website and customer interface. Based on the feedback we received, we implemented multiple functions in the client account that became basic tools in the interaction on our platform.

Thanks for the suggestions, and we are delighted that after months of work, we officially announce the launch of the new version of Hostico!

The main goal of launching this new website is to offer customers and occasional users a more intuitive and easier to use experience, while maintaining the familiarity of the old website.

The new interface displays a refreshed look, improved navigation and a series of functions designed to streamline the time spent online on both desktop and mobile tablets.

The development of the Hostico platform will continue intensely, and new web hosting services for all types of projects will be implemented in the coming months.


There is now the possibility to add a fixed amount of money to the customer account for paying the generated invoices
The Hostico credit system helps those people who want to avoid filling in their bank details periodically in the payment form, thus considerably reducing payment times.

The credit can be used both for the acquisition of domains and for hosting packages, and if the amount was not used in full for the services owned, the remaining difference can be refunded.

Information on the credit addition process can be found in the article: Adding credit

cPanel integration

From now on, many of the cPanel features of shared hosting packages can be accessed directly from the Hostico client account, without the need for authentication in the control panel.

The facilities are mainly aimed at users who are at the beginning of the road, but due to their simplicity and efficiency we have noticed an increase in use by experienced users.

VPS statistics

In addition to the features introduced in shared packages, private virtual servers also receive the ability to monitor server usage from the Hostico client interface, thus having a clearer spectrum of consumption and possible optimization of resources.

VPS offer update

Due to the declining demand in recent years for private virtual servers on Hard Disk Storage (HDD) and the technological advantages of Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage, starting with 11/10/2021 we will no longer sell in the offer of on the website VPS packages with HDD storage.

Customers who already have this type of package will be notified via an email to the email address of the customer account, with the available options.


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